Ms. Vogel

                    Ms. Vogel's Art Class!

Welcome! This is my second year here at Military Magnet Academy and my fifteenth year teaching art. I was born and raised in New York and moving to Charleston has been a new and exciting experience for me. 
I teach high school, grades 9-12 in Art Appreciation, and Art 1-4, as well as, middle school Art for grades 6-8.
My specialties are drawing, and clay. Someday, I hope to get some pottery wheels in my class room so that I may teach "Throwing on the Wheel" to my MMA students. 
All art classes are for one semester, or a half year. Middle school students take art for 50 minutes, every other day, and high school for 90 minutes.
My goal as a teacher is for the students to learn new skills, appreciate art history, and be able to speak and understand the "Language of Art", when they leave my class. 
In art class we:
 - create with many materials such as,
pencil, charcoal,  paint, clay, wood, marker, pastels, plaster, wire, and natural, or found objects.  
 - practice our observation and drawing skills by applying texture, shading and highlights.
 - experiment with color mixing, and discover how colors can express different emotions in a painting.
 - wedge and mold clay into functional forms, and abstract shapes.
 - design innovative sculptures, and learn about art history and how to appreciate a work of art.

This is a place of creativity, exploration, and discovering new talents. This is a place to express yourself and escape from the daily routine.
Welcome to the Art Room!
                                                - Ms. Vogel

Master of Arts in Teaching- Manhattanville College, N.Y. - 2000
Bachelor of Fine Arts- Purchase College, N.Y. - 1992