Ms. Gibson

I am Ms. Gibson, the Middle School Reading Coach.  This is my 9th year working here at the Military Magnet Academy.  I have taught English Language Arts to all middle school grade levels from 6th-8th.   My classes always centered around preparing your cadet for standardized testing while creating a fun, but rigorous learning environment with emphasis on developing "the whole child".  Military Magnet is where I have seen minds blossom and children soar.  My colleagues and I strive to teach children life lessons that they will remember and use far beyond their years spent here at Military Magnet.  I thank you for the opportunity to touch the heart and mind of your cadet.  Not only do I teach but I serve as the Varsity Cheer Coach for the school.  Encourage your cadet to be a part of MMA athletics to show their EAGLE PRIDE!!


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