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Missed class?  Go to and find "My Classes."  Choose Vella's make-up work, 2017, for Civics or World History make-up: from the drop-down box.  Complete two lessons per missed class as demonstrated by a passing score on the lesson's quiz. I will supply handouts and lesson sets upon the student's return.  Two lessons will earn a 70; the additional work will allow the opportunity to earn a higher grade for the missed days. Attached are past powerpoints that may be of use to you as a review to help you with your Study Island topics.  State Standards:  World History standards are available beginning on page 86; United States History standards are available beginning on page 100.  Social Studies, 2011, standards are listed below.
1945 to the Present. Many EOC questions.09 September, 2015 04:33 PMJarrett_Vella11.5 MB
2011socialstudiesstandards26 January, 2017 01:15 PMJarrett_Vella984 KB
Civil War4.1causes09 September, 2015 04:36 PMJarrett_Vella3.02 MB
Imperialism; a must know. 189809 September, 2015 04:38 PMJarrett_Vella1.47 MB
Pacific war09 September, 2015 04:40 PMJarrett_Vella965 KB
Prelude to the American Revolution. 09 September, 2015 04:41 PMJarrett_Vella830 KB
Social and Reform Movements09 September, 2015 04:44 PMJarrett_Vella3.01 MB
Social and Reform Movements (1)09 September, 2015 04:45 PMJarrett_Vella2.74 MB
The Civil War strategies09 September, 2015 04:45 PMJarrett_Vella857 KB
WW11; 59 slides, comprehensive.09 September, 2015 04:46 PMJarrett_Vella6.42 MB