Syllabus & Course Requirements

2015 - 2016 Supply List:
2 Composition Notebooks
1-inch 3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper
5 dividers (for binder)
pencils (with erasers)
personal pencil sharpener
red/blue/green pens
colored pencils/highlighters
small bottle of glue (no glue sticks please)
box of Kleenex (optional)
Grading Policy:
* 40% - Unit Assessments
* 30% - Quiz (Chapter, Vocabulary)
*20% - Classwork/Participation
*10% - Homework

I accept late homework up to the last school day before the end of that quarter's grading period.
However, failure to keep up with assigned homework WILL NEGATIVELY impact your unit assessments and quiz scores. Extra credit will not be given to cadets with missing assignments.

Cadets must show all work to receive full credit on homework, quizzes, or unit assessments. All work must be done in PENCIL. Cadets risk losing points for any quiz, assessment or homework done in pen. Calculators may be used to verify answers but a written explanation of steps must be provided to show comprehension of skills.