Syllabus & Course Requirements

2018 - 2019 Supply List:
2 Composition Notebooks
1-inch 3-ring binder
pencils (with erasers)
personal pencil sharpener
red/blue/green pens
scotch tape
colored pencils/highlighters (optional)
box of Kleenex (optional)
Grading Policy:
* 40% - Unit Assessments
* 30% - Quiz (Chapter, Vocabulary)
*25% - Classwork/Participation
*5% - Homework

Late work is only accepted TWO DAYS following date work was originally due (only exception is absence due to illness or unforeseen circumstance).

Absence Policy: ALWAYS check Google Classroom for daily notes/slides from missed days. Any missing work should be turned in as soon as possible.

I DO NOT give extra credit assignments.

However, failure to keep up with assigned homework WILL NEGATIVELY impact your unit assessments and quiz scores.

* Cadets must show all work to receive full credit on homework, quizzes, or unit assessments.

* All work must be done in PENCIL. Cadets risk losing points for any quiz, assessment or homework done in pen.
* Calculators may be used to verify answers but a written explanation of steps must be provided to show comprehension of skills.